Up to 5 online consultations or personal meetings with psychologist Lilia Snigireva

Dnipro, Shevchenko street, 10

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With the certificate, you get 1, 3 or 5 online consultations or personal meetings with the psychologist Lilia Snigireva at a discount.

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Contacting a psychologist will help you in solving many issues:

  • Parent-child relationship.
  • Anxiety, stress, depression.
  • Personal relationships: feelings of loneliness, difficulty building relationships, insecurity, shyness, low self-esteem.
  • Difficulty making decisions, problems with self-determination, personal boundaries, understanding oneself.
  • Searching for a way out of a difficult life situation, finding a new meaning in life.
  • Experiencing resentment, feelings of guilt.
  • Dissatisfaction with one's own life, internal conflict, a feeling of failure, difficulty in making decisions.

Structural analysis is an energetic approach to psychotherapy. In which feelings are viewed as a form of energy that arises in the human body, reflecting his reactions to the inner and outer world. Personality is a complete and free organism in the environment. The ideology of the method is the ability to be a living person with feelings, energy and boundaries, being in contact with the world.

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How to use a certificate?

You can use the certificate from 28.08.2021 to 28.04.2022

The price includes payment for information services provided by Покупон on the basis of the Public Offer.


  • Services are provided as usual.
  • One client can personally use only one certificate.
  • Before purchasing a certificate, be sure to check the availability of seats for the desired date and time.
  • The service is provided online (Skype and Telegram) or in person.


  • Discounts on certificates are not cumulative with other promotional offers.
  • For an online consultation, you must send a certificate in electronic form to the mail lilysn91@gmail.com and then sign up for a consultation by phone.
  • Give the last digit of the certificate (activation code) only when you receive the service. After activation, the service is considered to be provided, and the certificate cannot be returned.
  • If you made an appointment, but did not come at the specified time and did not warn you about the cancellation of the visit 24 hours in advance, or were late for more than 15 minutes, the psychologist reserves the right to refuse to provide services with a discount and the session is considered passed.
  • The duration of one session for adults is 60 minutes.
  • During the session, the psychologist uses the direction of structural analysis.


  • Tue: from 10:00 to 19:00
  • Thurs: from 10:00 to 19:00
  • Sat: from 10:00 to 19:00
  • Sun: from 10:00 to 19:00
Lilia Snigireva 4.5


Phones:+38 (099) 316-63-14

In the modern world, people are increasingly faced with psychological problems, which are often caused by everyday problems, conflicts at work or in the family. Every one of us has everyday difficulties, but not everyone can cope with them on their own.

If you feel that you have begun to close in yourself, distance yourself from others and loved ones, your productivity has decreased, you sleep poorly at night, more and more often you are not in the mood and you have ceased to enjoy what you do in life - the help of a psychologist is what you need.

Lilia Snigireva is a psychologist with experience and a desire to help. You can contact her by signing up for a consultation (both in person and online) from anywhere in Ukraine.

Lilia Snigireva will help you understand yourself, your thoughts and problems. An important act for you will be to decide on the first step: to want to do better for yourself and those around you.

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м. Vokzal'na, Dnipro, Shevchenko street, 10

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