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MorIrene, Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
Un calle que tiene restaurantes, tiendas, y todo una calle en el centro que tiene tambien metro el mas profundo!!! Tienes suoermercado billa, y mas
Shamborovsky, Киев, Украина
Nice, green, wife. Just see place full of cafes and shops. Attached to city's central sq - Maidan Nezalezhnosti
STELSI, Киев, Украина
Крещатик - главная улица Киева, Сейчас на ней уже не растет столько каштанов, как когда-то (каштаны - тоже символ Киева). Обратите внимание на архитектуру зданий, главпочтамп. В выходные дни Крещатик перекрыт и можно гулять по проезжей части до 22:00, после чего движение транспорта возобновляют. В будние это обычная транспортная артерия города, в выходные - мест отдыха для семей с детьми, молодежи и туристов, много развлечений, и много художников, которые за умеренную плату нарисуют вам и портрет и дружеский шарж.
Always a pleasure to go there, especially during sundays, when its closed for public traffic. To take a cup of coffee, tasty ice cream or just to listen to some street musicians, Cheschtschatyk is always a good choice.
mjmbkk, SF Bay Area
The street was closed Monday after a Sunday holiday. Live bands with spontaneous dancing, break dancers, festive atmosphere. Plenty of beer halls for a refreshing break.
Ivanna V
Это сердце моего любимого города,улица ,что видела боль и унижение,но осталась символом победы,веры,силы духа и Надежды на лучшее!!!
Eugenia H, Марчианизе, Италия
Un bellissimo percorso che abbiamo fatto su questa via ha portato tanti ricordi e momenti molto divertenti! Domenica sera la strada e chiusa e sta in disposizione tutto e di più. Locali di lusso e a prezzi medie, canto a vivo, certe negozi di marche italiane, francesi, ucraine..Divertente e piacevole.
Pablo V
Most of the original building have been destroyed by Nazi bombings. Samples of Krushev and Stalin concept of architecture and enormity of public buildings over the relative small size of the person: part of the Socialist brainwashing and intimidation. An architectural mess.
DermDude1, Чаттануга, Теннесси
In Kyiv? Then you have to come here to the Big K. It intersects the Maidan and has major important arteries running off of it for a few kilometers. The sidewalks are vast and the place is closed to cars on Sundays, which means singing, dancing and activities in the street all day. There were countless sellers, some a bit aggressive, but no different than most other cities. Always a protest going on (we caught one that was angry about Chinese treatment of a small sect, and plenty anti-Russian sentiment, which is not unusual for a country currently defending its' territory). Great shopping, good restaurants and cafes', we spent about three hours here. Remember, the Soviets AND the Nazis fought over these streets and set explosives for both, so you are in the middle of history and a site of former urban fighting, too. Enjoy the day, the people were generally very nice.
Eva J, Киев, Украина
This street is a boulevard with wide sidewalks on either side. From time to time it is closed off and becomes pedestrian only, which is lovely. This is the place to see and be seen, especially on weekends. It's easy to imagine big parades taking place on this street, back in the day.
fabriziopinello, Рончильоне, Италия
Strada principale della città di kiev , oggi via dello shopping e degli artisti di piazza. Sontuosi palazzi stile sovietico ai lati di un viale largo quanto una piazza. Visitato la prima volta poco dopo la caduta del muro, era un gigante senza anima . a distanza di oltre 20 anni , splende oggi per vivacità e fermento. Inizia con la piazza della rivoluzione Maidan . dalla strada principale partono le strade per le tre chiese delle vicinanze. S andrea S Sofia e S Michele.
poachsta, Израиль
The main street of Kiev, beautiful and full of good restaurants and pubs and bars.There are also many shops (both local and worldwide brands) all over the street and in the globus underground mall.I suggest taking a nice walk through the street during the evening, it's relaxing and very safe to walk in any part of it.During the weekends the main road is closed and there are usually a nice parade and other local attractions so it's worth seeing in case you're in Kiev during the weekend.
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