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I think this is THE street in Kijev. You have a lot of stores on the left and right side of a street. You should go there on weekends when they close the road to traffic. They have concerts there. A nice walk through the street.In the end there is a monument of independence.
mrs_mama_bee, Даллас, Техас
I'm pretty sure you could be in Kyiv for a few days and spend all of them here. This is the city centre- tons of shopping, dining, and sightseeing. The Maidan is here, so there's also history and cultural importance. At the other end is the famous Besarabka market, where you can buy so many fresh goods.
B T, Лондон, Великобритания
I found this was the best area in Kiev to go shopping. They have lots of shops that sell all kinds of things
alessiofranchi11, Рим, Италия
Come da titolo ottima via centralissima a Kiev, considerata il vero cuore economico della cittàVia grande con numerosi negozi sia alla destra che alla sinistra della strada.Pulita e ben curata
Lovetravel02, Sydney
Interesting as a grand wide street if Stalinesque architecture, however few places we wanted to visit.
This is the main road in the old part of Kiew. Typical Stalin wide boulevard.On Sundays it’s closed and a big pedestrian zone with a lot of street artists.Then you can observe the Kiew life on the Street. Don’t expect too much from the big street.
cfonde, Сарасота, Флорида
I spent 7 nights in an apartment right on Khreshchatyk St. in Kyiv. This was during their Independence Day holiday, in late August 2019. So, the street was extremely lively with music, street performers, food booths, Ukraine's Armed Forces receiving recognition from the president, and all pedestrian traffic that the sidewalk and street could hold. Fortunately, the windows of our 4th floor apartment were very well insulated, so the late-night noise, music, etc., did not bother us older folks. Khreshchatyk St. is what every major city needs,... a place for the locals and foreigners to stroll. A place where street performers play to enthusiastic cheering audiences. This wide boulevard is closed to traffic on weekends, so on the holiday weekend when we were there, it was closed an extra day or two. Expensive shops, restaurants, sidewalk cafe's, coffee huts, ice cream kiosks, etc., just add to the flavor of this very exciting boulevard. Grab a bench and just people watch. Kyiv has some of the most beautiful women in the world. OTOH, when such a large group gathers in 1 place, there will be a few beggars, gypsies persistently looking for money, street vendors pushing brochures in your face about SIM cards, tours, massages, and restaurants, etc., and that can wear on your nerves after the first few days. Just learn to ignore them, or politely tell them "Nyet, Spasiba", and you should be fine.
Yasnabil, Dubai, UAE
very central, where all visitors and citizens of Kiev flock to, particularly on the weekend where traffic will be banned through the main street, and all music , arts, dancing activities takes over, providing entertainment and amusements to all. great for families with children, where they can be left to play safely on the main street and enjoy their hobbies, cycling ball games and other. At night it become a meeting place with its cafes and restaurants offering an interesting and appealing venue.
Kiev S, Киев, Украина
Khreshchatyk Street is very popular place in the Kiev city on the weekend and holidays. Very busy road you need to use the underpasses to get from one side to the other side. On the weekends and holidays, this street is populated by people and the sight of this place is made, on this day, traffic is closed on this road and the street artist has many sports and music, dance programs on it. They are on the road. People come with their family and friends to enjoy it.The main attraction is the Independent Square, where a very high pillar is installed which was built 10 years after Ukraine became independent of Russia. Where waterfalls and music create an extremely panoramic view, on both sides of this road there are many restaurants and coffee houses, bars, branded stores which are filled with people in the evening. People spend their time enjoying a street dancer's program, sitting on a plank built on the side of the street and enjoying a drink with friends. This area is completely intact despite being overcrowded.
JanLinksGroningen, Гронинген, Нидерланды
Niet echt mooi, maar ook wel weer interessant. De oude Sovjet gebouwen, de geschiedenis. En op zondag wordt alles afgezet , zodat er geen auto's kunnen rijden.
Oulitsa, Рони-су-Буа, Франция
Allées ouvertes sur des façades d'une histoire pas encore assez éloignée pour se faire totalement oublier.L'occidentalisation s'installe avec ses avancées et ses inconvénients.Les passages souterrains se franchissent avec curiosités et découvertes.Artère d'une ville drainant ses habitants dans leurs quête d'une autre société où politique et contrôles s'estompent.
Adam Repucha
Fajna stacja, tanie bilety, można płacić na wiele sposobów
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