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RobCope, Территория столицы Австралии, Австралия
Khreshchatyk street is at the social heart, and also city center for several million residents, particularly the playfull teens and 20-somethings. Sunday is the best day to stroll, taking in the buskers, and musical and dance everything's. No traffic allowed. Have a meal streetside.
BrugseLenten, Брюгге, Бельгия
Deze straat is vol van leven en mensen die er zich bevinden of onderweg zijn. Het is best wel aangenaam, er zijn ook veel interessante dingen. Veel winkels en restaurants. Je kunt deze straat moeilijk links laten liggen. Als je hier niet geweest bent, dan heb je niets van Kiev gezien.
aizheke, Алматы, Казахстан
Лучше время между перелётами потратить на красивых улицах, где много народу, среди красивых скульптур, уличные музыканты, аниматоры, магазины сувениров, рестораны, и кучи прочего, чем просто отсиживаться в аэропорту... мы на Крещатик приехали в 9 утра в четверг, народу было много, местные жители просто с кружкой кофе сидели на лавочках и наслаждались жизнью, если честно мало где люди в будний день, в 9 утра распивают кофе на скамейках, ещё и поодиночке, мне понравился их образ жизни... мы просто прогуливалось по улицам, сделали фотки на разных фонах и пошли к Днепру... кстати попробуйте мороженое Лакомка, оно офигенное!!!!
Bartłomiej J
Ta główna i reprezentacyjna ulica Kijowa zamienia się wieczorami w bulwar pełen ludzi, otwartych knajp, ulicznych grajków. Wyjątkowy klimat.
Saul M, Лондон, Великобритания
Do not make this your first taste of the beautiful city of Kiev, it is about the worst that the city has to offer!!!
ali e
Cadde özgürlük meydaninda . Çok genis soviyet dönemi mimarisi . Geniş caddeler ,bir kısma kadar taş duvar binalar ,metro altyapısı. Akşam hafta sonları kapatabiliyorlar caddeyi sadece yayalar kalıyor bu haliyle daha güzel. Genelikle canlı müziklikler etkinlikler oluyor .Birde her yerin kılasiği cansız heykel taklidi yapan insanlar .luks mağazalar var.Ali Em
Irbis I
Красивая архитектура ! Захватывает дух! Но шумно всегда , впрочем как и во всём центре и это лично меня отталкивает . Но это столица и самый центр , иначе было бы странно )
Tomek N
Piękna architektura, typowy Stalin style. Tu bije serce miasta, masa ludzi, kramów etc. Fantastyczna atmosfera, zwłaszcza wieczorami.
gregoryjarosch50, Вильнюс, Литва
Here's a plan on how to meet locals, have a brief chat, a laugh and get to where you want to be a little wiser, a little more integrated with the locals around you.Step one. Check where you want to get to e.g. Khreschatyk Str Post Office or Maidan Square or water fountain displays, or Globus, or other off or near Khreschatyk Str or where the bus stop to catch bus 24 in Khreschatyk is to get to the World War II museum, or where St Volodymr's Cathedral (the "big yellow church" is, while you hum Ringo Star's "we all live in a yellow submarine", or Jonie Mitchell's "big yellow taxi took away my ol man" in Shevchenka Blvd that runs off Khreschatyk Str is located.Step two. Now with a good general idea of where you are heading to see the various sights, put you GPS, iPhone, iPad, electronic direction finder in your bag or pocket and have your paper map at the ready.Step three. Proceed to your destination till you are a little unsure of or need to confirm exactly where you are and where your target destination is, then scan the people - the locals, yes and even the police in stationary police cars, people on the sidewalks, near fountains, on the street, and use your gut feel and intuition and some basic knowledge e.g. those locals in the age range say 16 - 35+ who will have learn't some English at some time in their life. Step four. Approach those who aren't on their mobile phones in deep conversation or who look like they are racing somewhere for dear life or look troubled, or are persistent hawkers, peddlers, but approach those who are casually ambling along or waiting for a bus or long traffic lights to change or sitting on a bench. You'll quickly recognise the "approachables" in any location and with map in hand, non aggressively say "excuse me, do you speak English?" If you have chosen wisely, most of these locals will reply "A little" i.e. I speak a little English. If they don't speak any English thank them and approach another local who maybe able to help. Now when you strike a local who understands English and where you want to go with your map in hand, they will show you on the map, point out directions and even on some occasions walk a little distance with you to make sure you are headed in the right direction or they are headed in the same direction as well. These locals are curious and will often ask where you are from and how you are finding the city, local weather, the transport, the shops etc. After a relatively short time of information exchange, even sometimes including an anecdote or joke and some laughter, a genuinely friendly handshake, you have made a connection, a communication, and will immediately feel more at ease and more comfortable in these new surroundings. If the local person who helps you is a woman and they are wearing something attractive and or they themselves look attractive, just before the end of the conversation, and before you part, compliment them, they like anyone else like to be noticed and complimented in a civil manner.Last but not least, keep your daily tourist schedule flexible. Why? Because it's the unexpected' during the tourist day, that makes your day.Example. On my way to the Hilton Hotel on Shevchenko Blvd, one passes the "big yellow" church (St Volodymyr's Cathedral). It's Monday 14 August 2017, around 6.45 pm. As l walk towards it a large semi circular line of people has gathered and is standing in front of the church holding flowers. It doesn't look like a wedding or a funeral is about to occur so out of curiosity l approach some locals and with a little broken English they explain it's a blessing of flowers, poopyseeds and honey and some notable long past people. These locals go onto explain that the priests will come out and bless all those standing outside holding bunches of flowers with holy water. Well l want to see this, so l take some photos and join the queue. Out come the Priests with their buckets of blessed holy water and the blessings and holy water are being chanted and liberally sprayed respectively across flowers and people alike. As l have no flowers the Priests come to me and give me a spray of holy water and then some and say some prayers and move on. It's a hot evening and although l look like l have just come out of the shower after the holy water spray l receive, it's a bit of cooling relief. I ask some other locals does this happen often and they look at me a one jokes, seeing l am a somewhat drenched with holy water, "the more the Priest sprays you with holy water, the more blessings you may have and yes on Saturday 19 August 2017 there will be the blessing of the apples and pears". We have a good laugh, shake hands and part. People, whether men or women like that tourist-local handshake gesture. All above took about 45 minutes out of my schedule and was unplanned, unexpected, but left a very satisfying memory, some brief conversation with locals, some laughter, and l will probably never see these locals again being a foreigner, but such experiences are worth every single second as leaving an indelible memory.Never ever underestimate the power of a smile, convivial laughter, a shared joke with locals who may have lived a very authoritarian imposed lifestyle for decades and decades. My impression has been that locals get as much joy (if not more) from such interactions with tourists.Don't get me wrong electronic devices are great and have their place, but so does putting them away and having a real one on one brief conversation with a local who will bring out their iPad or iPhone and do some orienteering for you.Oh. If you want some motivation/inspiration on how to do this sort of meet the locals Hollywood style, there is a scene in the Hollywood movie "Spy Game" where Robert Redford, is training Brad Pit the art of Inluential communication and getting to location. In the scene in Germany I think, Brad has 5 minutes to get to a third floor apartment block window and be seen at the window by Redford. The occupants of that apartment are unknown to Brad. It's a classic charm, wit, non threatening, one second a stranger the next a conversationalist!Wow the art of communication, get started if you haven't already with the locals as you tour their countries, there' lots and lots to learn, but jeez it can also be lots and lots of enjoyment and camaraderie.
Sfrantz, Иерусалим, Израиль
One of the major streets in Kiev this is a place to see and be seen; at night it comes alive with people sitting outside and relaxing. It has nice modern European clothing stores; coffee shops and is a key link between the Maidan and other parts of the city.
Michael H
Muss man gesehen und begangen haben. Bei Tag beeindruckend, in der Nacht sensationell. Stalin-Barock vom Feinsten.An Feiertagen wird die Straße am Abend für Autos gesperrt, und dann gibts dort Trubel ohne Ende: Straßenkunst, Musiker, oder einfach nur Leute, die sich dort bewegen mit Skateboards, Einrädern, Fahrrädern.Spät am Abend gehört die Straße dann wieder den Autos. Und Motorrädern, die sich tw. atemberaubende Rennen liefern - dürften den Bürgermeister von Kiew oder sonst jemand Wichtigen gut kennen ... :-)
obp483, Cambridge, MA
With a visit to the Bessarabia Market. I had a few hours to kill, so that's what I did. Lots of benches for pedestrians like me.
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