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WorldPhotoTraveler, Лас-Вегас, Невада
Main drag, top shopping district. Place to observe. Center, the very heart of this city.
Randywein, Филадельфия, Пенсильвания
The city's "Main Street" is a multifaceted treat.The heart of the shopping district boasts a fascinating variety along with an eclectic variety of restaurants. The street is lined with historic buildings (most of the ugly Soviet-era buildings have been demolished) as well as some of the very newest. Strolling the avenue is a treat, morning through late evening. The very best may well be Sunday afternoons, when traffic is blocked and the street becomes a promenade. Pedestrians abound, joined by skaters, rollerbladers, skateboarders, and bicyclists. Daytime sees crowds of pedestrians, mostly middle-aged and older. Many are serious, all-day shoppers. Night is when Khreshchatyk shows its magic. Decorative light displays year-round - especially at Christmas -- help keep sidewalks very well lit. Street performers ranging from jugglers to local music students will entertain you for tips. Other entrepreneurs, seeking more than tips, discreetly wander the well-policed area casually blending with the younger night crowds. Their potential customers, usually older men visiting on business, do not blend. The women rarely solicit, but the men might approach any well-dressed woman casually walking alone while trying to make eye contact with men. Non-working women would do well to be with friends, walk purposefully, and avoid eye contact.The strolling highlight is Sunday, when auto traffic is blocked off.
No solamente porque está situada en el centro de la parte más atractiva de Kiev, sino por su tangente con la Plaza de la Independencia (Maidan Nezaleshnosty) y la multiplicidad de edificios señoriales y tiendas de postín que en ella se encuentran, esta avenida es emblemática de Kiev, y siempre es muy agradable darse un paseo por ella, en días laborables (por multitud de gentes yendo y viniendo) como en festivos, porque la calzada central está cerrada al tráfico en las cercanías de la plaza, y se puede disfrutar mejor de las vistas y ambiente
Natalia1150, Санкт-Петербург, Россия
Fantastic atmosphere, especially in the evening! The street is full of light and young, beautiful people. There are a lot of world famous brand shops and different places to eat. Amazing atmosphere of Christmas!
uzhhorodec, Ужгород, Украина
много людей, спешка как в любом большом городе. В центре традиционные для столицы символы. Это то место которое посещают почти все туристы.
acquablue11, Тель-Авив, Израиль
If you need to buy anything before heading to other cities make sure to buy it in Kiev as somethings will be almost impossible to find in other Ukrainian cities. You can see many name brand stores here and also very good places to eat. There are also many people selling SIM cards here and if you don't have time to go to Andrew's Descent, you can buy Russian dolls, etc here although there are more expensive here.
NijntjePluis, Риддеркерк, Нидерланды
During the weekends they close Kryschatyk street and it's nice to walk there. there's always something to do or see
bpdatl, Сарасота, Флорида
I have spent 10 years living and working in Kiev and I still love sitting at cafes on Kreshatik and people watching. Beautiful girls, business people, and everything else passes by.Grab a table, sit, order some tasty food and a nice glass of wine. Relax and watch the joy that is Kiev unfold before your eyes!Good places: SHATO, Double Coffee, SUM (department store), Himalaya, GLOBUS (mall)
triphead28, Bankok Thailand
no...lovely at engliski christmas break time perople friendly but remember you just do not find $10000 dollars on the street and therefroe if you do then it is a sting and that ythe guys who appear out of nowhere are about to go through your pockets to guarantee that you d not have their money...and remove some of yours at the same time...best thing dont carry much...and debit cards are good if you can get money with them...can be a problem in Ukraine...
Marina Malahovskaya
улица перекрывается по выходным - гуляние пешеходов
Martin C, Аксбридж, Великобритания
I spent many hours wandering the street and the underground shopping malls. I was shocked at how expensive the shops were compared to UK or even Cyprus.Very interesting adn Independance Square is not to be missed along with the Arch of friendship by the river
Albertberlin, Берлин, Германия
On Saturday afternoon (maybe starts in the morning but I am not sure) there is an authentic farmers market on the side road to the right when walking from Independence Square to Besarabia). You can try samples of their produce (fruits, vegetables, sausages, fish and more) with interesting products not available in Supermarkets.
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