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theHelga, Kiev, Ukraine
What can I say?It's our high street. I've walked along it so many times that it doesn't seem special to me any more.But I'm sure, to tourists and visitors it may seem charming and fascinating.There are many shops, banks. some cafes and restaurants,Bessarabsky Market (with fresh fruits, vegetables, home-made food etc), the Central post office, the City Council house and many other buildings.I heard from many people (tourists) that they just loved the street-supposedly, you can feel the atmosphere of the city. Well, I guess it's true. I think that one may be surprised seeing Stalinist architecture(for example, Trade Union House) and Kyiv Philarmonic (which survived two world wars;it said to be a splendid 19th century edifice built in eclectical style with european architectural features of XV-XVIII) on one street. It's a mixture of completely different periods from our history- and this is what some people call "the atmosphere". On the one hand, there are a lot of old buildings and some really long-standing and good museums.On the other hand, a great deal of buildings were constructed during the Soviet Union period.I absolutely love Kyiv and Khreschatyk as well.It is unique and uncommon.
わたらせまさ, 群馬県
キエフでおみやげを買うならここが一番。両側の歩道にたくさんの露店がならびます。ロシア人形や、Tシャツ、その他、一般的なものはなんでもあります。 ゆっくり時間をとって散策するのが良いです。お店の店主は意外に若い男性が多いのでちょっとびっくりしました。
Steve H, Пранжен, Швейцария
Kinda the main tourist place and centered place of kiev. you will find lot of locals trying to catch a foreigner there... or in nearby supermaket. all nice brandet shops are there.. and there is always something to look at.. a singer in street or some street animations. on week end the street is closed to traffic.. so it is even more interesting.
Comberdown, Hertfordshire
The best time to explore this street is at weekends, when it is closed to traffic. Some good restaurants, (plus the ubiquitous McDonalds). Italian restaurant chain "Mafia", despite its unfortunate name, serves very good meals.
tattianna12, Москва, Россия
Крешатик очень похож на центр Москвы , большая улица но не могу сказать что прям вау супер
InterContinental Kiev
This street hosts national holidays celebrations, firework festivals, and concerts. There are multiple stores, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, underground shopping malls, markets, etc.
stuartdNewburyUk, Ньюбери, Великобритания
Pleasant tree lined main street in Kiev with lots of shops and street vendors
DsrtSnk, Слима, Мальта
Never ever in my life did I see such a dazzling display of lights as the one in Kreshchatyk . . . . all buildings were adorned with rope lights, led's, and the piazzas were webbed with overhead lighting, and floating leaves. Trees were also masterfully decorated with lighting to give an incredible effect for the Christmas month. Shops open,street always busy and safe. You would spend days in this street without getting tired. Only the cold will drive you into one of the heated shopping centres.
MarkusDL, Лобня, Россия
чудесная солнечная погода,много людей но некакой толпы(перекрыли дорогу.и люди пешеходы спокойно гуляли по трасе для машин.или по пешеходным дорожкам,в тени деревьев,много музыкантов ,и прочих вольных артистов,было чудесно)
Flavia66_11, Рим, Италия
La via Khreshchatyk è la via più grande e commerciale di Kiev. E' bellissimo passeggiarvi soffermando lo sguardo sui palazzi in stile, le finestre e glia rchi che si aprono all'improvviso tra le case. Sulla via ci sono grandi negozi che vendono abbigliamento e anche supermercati che però non è facile individuare perchè spesso sono nei piani sotteranei di negozi che vendono altro genere di articoli e sono mal segnalati (spesso solo con una piccola insegna in russo e nessuna foto eplicativa che aiuti nella ricerca).
mazeee, Варшава, Польша
Ottimo posto per fare una passeggiata a qualsiasi ora del giorno e della notte. Promenade non offre un'esperienza visiva interessante mentre si cammina lì, si può sentire come se fosse un residente di Kyiv. All'inizio della strada (con l'opposto Maidan Nezalezhnosti) Bill ha un negozio in cui i giovani si incontrano e si beve perché è molto tardi la sera. Grattugiare è il luogo per incontrare qualcuno di nuovo, parlare o anche far festa insieme più tardi. Durante il nostro soggiorno ci è apparso molte volte.
Kolya S, Киев, Украина
Думаю, лишь ленивый не прогуляется по главной улице города! Теплым вечером особенно оживленно и есть очень много уютных кафешек, в которых можно присесть и поглазеть на проходящий народ
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