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Vitaliy Scratch
Пароль на телок: "Привет, у меня есть киевская прописка!"
wingate, Лондон, Великобритания
I walked all the way down this street in the hope of finding a restaurant worth visiting but did not find one.i also hoped to find a department store to wander round but again no joy.I have to say that Kiev compares poorly against cities of neighbouring Poland.Also there is the big problem that the streets are not clearly signposted and the natives dont as a rule speak English and just shrug their shoulders if you ask them anything.
valeriy350, Москва, Россия
отличное место дял прогулок, много кафешек, отличная атмосфера.
yankabout, Москва, Россия
Great to be there on Sundays... they sometimes close the street to car traffic.
Tina Q, Москва, Россия
I would suggest visiting it during weekends when it's closed for traffic so people can just stroll around. Much less crowded pavements that way.
It is a great place to hang out at with family or friends. It has many different cafes, as well as shops and simply buildings.
Dorothy s, Лидс, Великобритания
weekends are best when the traffic is with-held. And don't forget the shops underground!!.
ukranova, Швеция
In this street you will find all, from ordinary people, to street entertainers, to the people selling all sorts of things. Shops all along the street will allow you to get rid of some of your extra money without any problems. Access to underground market is also an interesting option to see an interesting attraction as well as a nice variety of shops.
Евгения А, Санкт-Петербург, Россия
Крещатик был для меня второй достопримечательностью после аэропорта "Борiспiль". Из Одессы я вылетала в +20, а прилетела в +4) Поэтому, для меня было важно за несколько часов, что у меня были до следующего самолета, уже на Москву, посмотреть Киев хоть одним глазком. Там действительно многолюдно, но ведь это одна из главных достопримечательностей города. Город очень интересный, радушный. Если даже между рейсами будет пара часов, не сидите в аэропорту, который тоже очень красив, а посмотрите на город, хоть чуть-чуть!
flameanni, Киев, Украина
Место супер все рядом, чистота, уютно, по вечерам можно наблюдать живую музыку и танцоров
Nick G, Киев, Украина
Крещатик перестал быть тем Крещатиком, по которому так любили гулять киевляне и гости и превратился в базарную и шумную улицу
Nataliya V, Kyiv, Kyyivs'ka Oblast', Ukraine
The main street of Kyiv is indeed the cornucopia in itself - its abundant in history, in entertainment, eateries and last but not least, shopping centres. Champs Elisees of Kyiv, as they call it, still has a long way to go to quite deserve the comparison - bit still Soviet-style, bit too unattended when busy, bit yet work-in-progress.To start with history, the street's name originates from the Slavic word "Cross", which it reminded originally in shape. Almost fully destroyed during WWII by the Red Army - plenty houses were stuffed with explosives and then blown when the Nazis came in. Rebuilt in Stalin era and all buildings are consistently massive architecturally along the street.Was rated amongst the 20 most expensive shopping streets in the world, so you can imagine there is little competition in the retail segment in Ukraine, thus ridiculously expensive shopping with usually poor assortment and quality, as compared to European equivalent brands. But for the sake of objectivity, shopping is indeed abundant on the street, just pricey. The main shopping mall of the Soviet Kyiv - the TSUM - is being currently renovated - the project is owned by the wealthiest man in the country and is thus set out to succeed - reported to still retain the Stalin-era shell but inside design to offer ultra hi-tech interior, so myself intrigued to see the combination.Entertainment-wise, weekends are bountiful in street-performings or even staged concerts - as the street is then blocked for cars and is traffic-free. Famous art center is situated at the end of it on the Bessarabska square - where Khreshchatyk ends and the other end of the street flows into Independence Square - the birthplace of the legendary blank Orange Revolution. Otherwise, as on any main street of any European capital - some more than others - beware of the pick-pockets and enjoy your time)
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