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ClouddancerNewport, Newport
This Street is a good shopping street during the week,and the underground mall beneath Victory Square is interesting,but the place really comes to life at the weekend,when traffic is banned.There are all sorts of entertainments,and the families of Kiev come out in force to enjoy them.Most are free.There is generally a large stage at the Victory Square end,with rock and pop performers,and frequently smaller stages.There are quite a few musicians and buskers playing the street,and troupes of dancers,both modern and traditional.There are lots of food tents,and street sellers,and men offering bets that you can't ride a bike whose handlebars work the wrong way round!( you can't...it's SO hard!).This ten lane wide street is full of fun and entertainment,and aside from the food,and some sellers,is mostly free.Its nice if you can donate a little,but no pressure.If you're in Kiev on holiday,the weekend here is not to be missed.Another tip....take a river boat for a trip down the Dnieper....great on a sunny day
RichardThomas2001, Манама, Бахрейн
In the summer, it is a bit more interesting than in other seasons. Have a drink at Shato and watch the pretty girls walk by. Eat a pastry at a cafe in the Passazh and wash it down with alcohol-fortified espresso or fresh squeezed juice. Find the wizened oldtimer selling berries and pick yourself up some delicious berries in season: blueberries in June, raspberries and blackberries in July and August. Buy flowers for your Ukrainian date at the Bessarabian market. Go the the large bookstore just off the corner with the street Bogdana Khmelnitskogo (opposite side of the street from the state department store TsUM) and buy yourself a street map of Kiev and go explore the city. TsUM, currently closed for restoration, is not really worth visiting unless you need something basic like an umbrella. Skip the High Street clothing outlets on Khreschatik like Marks and Spencer and Mango - it is cheaper to shop in London, where you get better selection and variety as well.
etarmo, Флоренция, Италия
It is a place just to walk, but also to shop and see the contingent going around. Not to mention the lots and lots of bars and restaurants!
KristinaGar, Гонконг, Китай
The central street in Kyiv. On weekends it's a walking street- they close it for cars.Lots of shops and restaurants. someone likes the street someone thinks it is not a city face. but for the first time in Kyiv I liked and haven't match anything bad there. nice to walk in a good weather and look around or stop at some cafe and try some ukranian food or just a cup of tee..
Thomas - v, Breda
Met zoveel jaren Stalinisme ontkom je er niet aan dat de hoofdstraat vol staat met groot en groter. Heerlijke Stalinistische glorie. Het vrijheidsplein, waar eens de oranje revolutie startte is erg mooi.
Esmeralda_pl, Варшава, Польша
This place is average for me - maybe because I'm Polish and we have similar streets. It's nice on weekends because the street is close for cars. You can find here some stores like Zara or GAP (nothing special for me - they are everywhere) or some coffee stores or restaurants
Julia S, Санкт-Петербург, Россия
Честно говоря ожидала немного большего т.к. архитектура представляет собой здания, отстроенные в послевоенное время по типу массивных советских домов. Стоит посетить, если вы там не были, но ничего впечатляеющего вы для себя не откроете.
fw93, Лондон, Великобритания
The road is closed for pedestrians on weekends, making it more convenient to shop along the main street. Great place
Kachanovka9, Stirling
The fact that this Street is closed to traffic on a Sunday makes this a place to wander and to enjoy the view. Lots of places to stop for a coffee and ice cream or lunch or Dinner and a variety of shops from Designer to Gift shops, something for everyone
CholoUk, UK
This street is a place to relax in any day (summer) at anytime of the day. Evenings are full of people enjoying their time together as a family or a couple watching various activities of street musicians,magicians, artistes and game players. You can grab a drink or food from the street vendors while shopping or watching world pass by sitting on a bench.Fancy a drink or cocktail? Plenty to choose from various clubs or restaurants.
Maddalena1958, Marina di Carrara
My hotel was on the Independence Square and Khreshchatyk St. is right there. It is central for every thing
Dimitri B, Москва, Россия
Если вы действительно хотите посмотреть Киев, составьте свой маршрут так, чтобы ни разу не попасть на Крещатик. Там есть всё, что портит впечатление о любом городе: потрепанные ростовые куклы, злобные старушки, требующие мелочь, карманники, пьяные, агрессивно настроенные компании, жуткие карусели, отвратительные кафе с ценниками мишленовских ресторанов и Майдан, на котором с утра до вечера кто-то чего-то требует у Верховной Рады (совершенно впустую). Киев на самом деле совсем другой.
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