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Dreaminator, Киев, Украина
Khreshchatyk is pedestrial area weekends. It is a great place to visit whether with family, friends or alone. There are a lot of shopping places, restaurants, attractions and places to see on Khreshchatyk. Don't forget a camera because you will want to make many pictures that will get many likes afterwards.
Keith M, Сент-Хеленс, Великобритания
It was Sunday when we visited and the street was closed to traffic which made it very comfortable.It was snowing and there was a nice feeling of Christmas.There are some good quality shops and plenty of eating and drinking options available
Alyona Nisturina
есть где погулять,магазины и движение перекрыто по выходным - мне нравится)))
- Девушка! Вы откуда? -Из Киева конечно!!! 😡 - Ну это понятно, мы тут все из Киева 😄, а точнее??? - А-а-а-а.... Из Винницы... 😂😂😂😂 про это место )
Mairbek V
Было интересно пройтись по улице, которую весь мир видели в новостях год назад. Главная улица Киева заслуживает того, чтобы ее в обязательном порядке посетили все гости Киева.
Огонёк 🔥
На железные завитки, которыми украшены ларьки, удобно вешать сумку. 👌
AppreciateAdvice, Форт-Лодердейл, Флорида
Khreshchatyk is the main street in Kiev for many things social and business. During the week it has a decidedly business feel and weekends are very social with a huge mix of people and activities. Though so many tourists go here, it's not a complete perspective on life in Kiev.
Graham M, Киев, Украина
Although this street is considered the heart of Kiev it is the low point of the centre. Walk in any direction from here and things will improve quickly. Many people there to work the tourists. Very few shops worth seeing (there's only one I go to). There are so many better parts of Kiev. Don't waste more than 10 minutes here. Have a quick look then move on.
truckertucker, ireland
Khreshchatyk is always busy many shops along walkways but also below ground is shopping mall Globus on enterance to Metro underground , also massive fast food outlets in this area too , and vast choice of designer label shops too .and adjoining Khreshchatyk is the now historic Euro maiden area of city , beautiful statues and sight seen memories too like the Flower clock .
Андрей Пындык
Киевляне обходят крещатик стороной в выходные.
AzinAmin, Канберра, Австралия
Kreshatik street has always been my favorite spot to shop, walk and eat. Do love the environment and the underground mall. I truly miss when the entire street was closed on the weekend so that people can enjoy their moments while walking along the street. The shows being held during the weekend was fun too. Definitely go back for a visit.
Michael R, Англия, Великобритания
Best time to visit here is at the weekend especially if it is dry plenty to do and see. Night Time is also interesting but I would suggest that you do not try alone if it is very late. Plenty to see especially if you like shopping.
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