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Massimo_Ciuffolotto, Одесса, Украина
Не понимаю из-за чего весь сыр бор, это обычная широченная улица. Да - зелено, да - симпатично, но не более того. Восторгаться нечем. Поэтому мы просто прошлись не акцентирую внимание ни на чём и двинулись в глубь исторического центра. Там интересней.
tedthefed2, Гранд-Рапидс, Мичиган
There is a lot to write, but you just have to experience it for yourself. From the Maidan for as long as you want to walk.History...good and bad...find a guide or a friend from the city. That's what I did. We walked all over.
V_Molitvik, Варшава, Польша
Goes through the city centre. On both sides of it you will find a big amount of divergent shops, boutiques,restaurants and caffes. Walking along the khreschatyk will be a type of relaxation. Also I remember watching Euro 2012 there.
Zahed I, Киев, Украина
Its the main street of the city. Wide side walks and impressive architecture along the street. Street is bustling with activities all week long but specially weekend days activity on Kreschatyk increases as the street get closed for these days and lots of entertainment takes place. This is really a place to visit when you are in Kyiv to get the vibe of the city. Khreshatyk is the heart of Kyiv. Go and stroll around but be careful for the local Scam that some will drop his bundle of money in front of you and if you pick up to give it him, the problem will start. So, if you see someone dropped money in front of you DON'T TOUCH it.
Mykolail, Kyiv, null, Ukraine
Самая посещаемая улица Киева. Красивые здания, широкие тротуары позволяют неспешно гулять и любоваться столицей. Здесь можно попробовать разносолы на Бесарабском рынке или посмотреть "Караоке на Майдане ". В субботу, воскресенье и праздничные дни Крещатик закрыт для транспорта. В это время здесь проводятся различные концерты и спортивные соревнования.
LowProfileTraveler, Miami
It was hard to get a first impression because some panhandlers mobbed me the moment I emerged from the metro. But once I got past them, I enjoyed a wonderful view of some impressive architecture. This charming street has been described in other reviews so no need to repeat it here. But I have to talk about the escalator into the metro. It seemed to move about three times as fast as the ones I've ridden in the US, and they stretch a loooonng way down. I almost got vertigo the first time I rode it. It may sound naive of me, but that escalator was really something to experience.
Yulia W
This is an old and wide street that became the main avenue of Kiyv. We were there during the Independence Day celebrations, and was great to be part of the festivities. I wish that ads would be toned down in the future as they cover some very beautiful buildings.
LiudmylaKh, Киев, Украина
На Крещатике особая аура, это главная улица столицы, со своей историей. В выходные и праздничные дни движение для транспорта перекрыто, это пешеходная зона. На Крещатике очень красивая подсветка зданий в вечернее время. Здесь стоит побывать обязательно.
FredFrenchMan, Прага, Чехия
Une des rues les plus animées de Kiev et qui mène droit au Maidan!!De plus , elle est piétonnière une grande partie de la soirée en week-end avec les ukrainiens qui en font un lieu de fêtes diverses improvisées ( guitaristes, danseurs....)Les restaurants qui bordent la rue sont à des prix bon marché et de qualité appréciable pour certains..Avec le métro du même nom, cela reste un point de répère pour le touriste et à chaque bout de l'avenue ( car c'est plutôt une avenue...) vous trouverez deux grands shopping center ( GLobus vers la place du Maïdan et Mandarin Plaza vers le bas de l'avenue avec l'Arena center pour les amateurs de vie nocturne )
deathbyblackcat, birmingham
It is just a street however it is worth a walk down to get an idea of what the city is like. Lots of shops, restaurants and things going on in the street to keep you well occupied.
Никогда не любил Крест. Сейчас везде непонятные ребята в разном камуфляже, и тети с ящиками «дай денег». Неприятно тут.
Dina M, Миннеаполис, Миннесота
This street is what Champs Élysées is for Paris: never-sleeping, never-stopping heart of the big city. The name means "Crossroads" and what a crossroads it is! Go to the left - and you'll end up on Pechersk - ancient place for early Christian monastery and current place for government buildings. Go to the right - end up on ancient Knyazhiy (Princely) hill where you will find many old attractions. But i. Suggest staying in the broad tree-lined Khreshchatyk. At the beginning of the street, near Europeisky Ploshcha there are buildings associated with Kiev before WWII, same as 3-4 buildings on the other end of this short 4-block street. The rest was build after the war in somewhat pompous "Stalin-socialist" style. The street is best for leisurely walking, people watching, meeting friends, even picking up pretty Kiev girls. They are deserving a separate review!
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