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Anna Adamenko
Киев, Софийская площадьЗолотые ворота
Визитная карточка Киева!
P G.
Киев, Софийская площадьЗолотые ворота
One of the nicest squares in Europe, and therefore the world! Truly an impressive view, bookmarked by St. Sophias and St. Michaels. Has to be on the top of everyone’s list when visiting Kyiv.
Catherine Smal'
Киев, Софийская площадьЗолотые ворота
Здесь ставится главная ёлка страны 🎄
sorairo5, 静岡
Киев, Софийская площадьЗолотые ворота
AleksanderKiev, Киев, Украина
Киев, Софийская площадьЗолотые ворота
One of my favorite square in Kyiv. Historical place with grandiose temple. Monument of Bognan Khemlnitskiy which is located here headlines the importance of this place. If you stand a back to Cathedral you will be able to watch the second grandiose temple- Mihaylovskiy Cathedral. it's place of great energy and historical heritage. Highly recommend for visiting.
293neilk, Ливерпуль, Великобритания
Киев, Софийская площадьЗолотые ворота
Sofiyskaya Square is an absolutely fantastic square in Kiev we visited as we were pub and bar hopping around this wonderful area of the city.As with most countries where the main church is Orthodox they celebrate Christmas on 7th January ( old Julian calendar) so the Cheistmas market was in full swing, gluhwein and hot dogs were what we enjoyed in the Christmas market and looking at the sites in this square were superb,the famous bell tower looked amazing ,St Sophia Cathedral and its sprawling complex of buildings including House Of Metropolitan and of course you have very impressive Monument To Hetman Bohdan ,add to this the amazing amount of pubs,bars and restaurants makes for a great square and a vibrant area to visit,a square and area that I loved and highly recommend you visit if your planning a trip to Kiev.
Киев, Софийская площадьЗолотые ворота
ソフィア大聖堂に面している広場です。おおみそかに行きました。季節柄クリスマスマーケットが開かれていて、NEW YEARのイベントがされていた。広場に出店が沢山でていて活気がありました。
Yevgen Gusovskyy
Киев, Софийская площадьЗолотые ворота
Love this area
Ricardo R, Mogi das Cruzes
Киев, Софийская площадьЗолотые ворота
This square is an empty place between a bell tower and Hetman Bohdan monument, but when there are demontrations or exibitions they usually took place here. Anyway it is in this square you have to be to take pictures of St sofia Bell tower or the monuments.
platinum_gold, Токио, Япония
Киев, Софийская площадьЗолотые ворота
Steve D, Ливерпуль, Великобритания
Киев, Софийская площадьЗолотые ворота
We walked uphill from the Maiden.The square is between the St. Sophia complex and the St. Michael's Cathedral.A beatiful photo op, We then walked throgh the park to the funicular down to the ferry terminal and Podil.
grimj03, st helier
Киев, Софийская площадьЗолотые ворота
Good starting point to visit many monuments such as Sophia and nikolas cathedrals and independence square. The square itself is not memorable with no cafes in it.
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